#016: Consciousness Hacking with Mikey Siegel

Guest Bio: This week on the podcast: Mikey Siegel, founder of Consciousness Hacking: a leading organization at the intersection of technology, science and spirituality. Mikey recounts his fascinating journey from MIT to Silicon Valley, and shares his vision for how mindful intention and use of technology can help us to lead more meaningful and connected lives.


1:00-6:58: Welcome and Opening Remarks

6:58-13:30: How Mikey and I came to know each other

13:30-18:00: Mikey’s personal upbringing

18:00-22:35: Evolving as a learner at MIT

22:35-38:25: The Journey from the Outer World to the Inner

38:25-43:09: What Ayahuasca Can Teach Us about Consciousness

43:09-45:15: Mikey’s Inspiration for Creating Consciousness Hacking

45:15-49:10: The Growing Movement of Consciousness Hacking

49:10-55:28: How do we use technology more mindfully?

55:28-1:03:15: Mikey’s Favorite Technologies for Consciousness Hacking

1:03:15-1:06:30: The Potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

1:06:30-1:08:20: Potential Concerns about EMF Exposure

1:08:20-1:09:45: How to Become Involved with Consciousness Hacking & Closing Remarks


Consciousness Hacking

Mikey Siegel’s Personal Page

Muse Headband

Spire Technologies

Lief Technologies

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