#022: Mitch Schultz, Director of DMT The Spirit Molecule

Guest bio: Mitch Schultz is the documentary filmaker behind “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” and “Ayahuasca: Drink the Jungle.”

Mitch Schultz began his life journey in Memphis, Tennessee and has since called Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, New York, Europe, and Peru home. Guided by his lifelong love of storytelling, Mitch has cultivated a multi-disciplinary expertise in motion pictures, interactive media, and culture hacking.

He earned his Bachelor of Science primarily focused on media production, communication theory, and information mapping at the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after, Mitch completed his Masters of Fine Arts at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He was a researcher at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch. Mitch continues to foster his growth within the academic community by speaking at universities and conferences worldwide.

Schultz has also worked as a branding consultant for VisionLab, the progressive HD cable channel dedicated to experimental video art. Following the successful launch of VisionLab, he shifted into independent film production as Director of Development for Ghost Robot, where he outlined the company’s expansion from film into other platforms, including art, fashion, gaming, and music.

Currently, Mitch is developing a project that utilizes the potential of blockchain technologies to transform the media landscape.
Mitch and I touched on a number of topics including:
  • Mitch’s early childhood paranormal experiences
  • Making of “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”
  • Changing landscape of the psychedelic research scene
  • DMT experience vs. Ayahuasca
  • Healing trauma and addiction through psychedelic medicine
  • Cultural differences on aging and death
  • Competing explanations for the nature of consciousness
  • Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

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