#52: The Paleo Way with Paleo Robbie Co-Founder Erik Verspui

I sat down with the co-founder of Bangkok based Paleo Robbie, a company that provides high quality wild caught fish and pasture raised meats, along with a host of other delicious and nutritious products. For those based in Bangkok they also offer a meal plan service.

Erik is a wealth of information beyond just nutrition. Brief background on Erik:

After a gritty 7-year career in finance in 14 countries, Erik was stranded in Bangkok after the global banking credit crisis in 2008 and went from a 90 hour work week to playing elephant polo and investing not so successfully in water recycling.

While training for 5 triathlons in 2010 and having nothing to do during the Thailand civil war he ‘discovered’ the paleo diet from Mark’s Daily Apple, and after his baby brother Robbie also had his Just Eat Real Food awakening and finally fixed all his chronic health issues they agreed to start up a paleo delivery service in Bangkok in 2013. Paleo Erik now eats one regular size Paleo Robbie meal a day from paleorobbie.com/mealplan and enjoys cooking sockeye salmon fillets medium rare from the Primal Grocery at paleorobbie.com/grocery.

Erik’s other hobbies include chess, crypto, climbing, coding, and Chinese.

PROMO Code: For those of you based in Bangkok Paleo Robbie has kindly extended a 25% off deal on the first week on the Meal Plan. Valid is offer until June 30th, 2019.


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