The Dance of Tantra

The Dance of Tantra


What is this mystery, expressing itself as “me?”
This body, this mind
This illusion of separation that seems to demarcate inner and outer
Yet another appearance in the mirror

Dharmakaya and Sambogkaya
Giving birth to nirmanakaya
As Maya she creates the display of multiplicity
As Durga she pierces the veil that binds us

Dissolving forms back into Herself
Revealing the reality of our true nature
No permanent, independent, separate self to be found
Just wide open space, pulsating with bliss

The intrinsic freedom of awareness
The Grace of the Svatantraya Shakti
Cutting through to the groundless ground
Nothing to do but rest. Just surrender. Right where you are.

Consciousness becoming conscious of itself
The universe awakening through us
Shiva and Shakti making love as us
Throbbing with the union of intelligence and energy

These very words
The expression of Her Grace
The primordial echo of The Big Bang
Dancing across time and space
Pouring onto this page

Divine intelligence vibrating with Her power
Animating the Light of Consciousness
Bringing you to your knees
Filled with awe and devotion

Nobody to become, nothing to attain
Perfect, in spite of your imperfections
An expression of The Great Goddess
Appearing for a brief moment in time in this form
Until one day this candle blows out

Samsara is a mind toward outward
Nirvana is a mind resting in its own place
Enjoying the display of emptiness and form
Savoring this delightful mystery as divine play

Dancing on Shiva’s body
This timeless cycle of birth and death
This cosmic game of hide and seek
Her never ending dance of concealment and revelation 

What cleanses the doors of perception?
Transforming ignorance into knowledge
Turning poison into nectar
The Maha Shakti pulsating through us, as us
Impelling consciousness to turn and recognize itself

Mind’s true nature is empty
But it’s also full
Of love and compassion
Leaping into spontaneous presence
As She twists and turns

This precious human life
A chance to extinguish this hungry ghost
With all of its petty, insatiable cravings
Drawing us into a dessert of endless wandering
Lifetime after lifetime

Resting effortlessly in dharmakaya
Ultimate bodhicitta springs forth
Rooted in right intention
Orienting us towards liberation

Freedom and intimacy
Masculine and feminine
Transcendance and immanance
This is the dance of Tantra

Our deepest desire
Yearns for The Goddess Herself
Her very movement is desire
Expressing itself through sensations and thoughts

Desire is neither a problem to be solved
Nor merely the force that fuels our awakening
Desire breaks into us
Piercing the veil of separation that binds
Drawing us into union

The cosmic fire that animates the universe
The Shakti that fuels evolution
The only reason any of us are here
Desire for one another

Illuminating Shiva’s shadow
His commitment to freedom
Blinds him to his desire for intimacy
Until he meets Her

Seeing himself in Her
He loses himself
Then finds himself
To lose oneself is to find oneself

Wherever you are in this very moment
Rest. Right there.
You are nothing but That Supreme Shakti in union with Shiva
Loving ourselves back into wholeness

Abide in the sublime mystery
That is the Great Goddess
Dancing like nobody’s watching
On the vibrating heart of consciousness.

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