The Goddess Chacruna

The Goddess Chacruna

A silhouette in the shadows
Shimmering with ecstasy
Dancing in the darkness
Of the unconscious

The Goddess Chacruna
Enticing your demons
To come out and play
To reveal their empty nature

The divine pair
of Shiva and Shakti
As Peganam Harmala and Chacruna
Their union is The Soma

His piercing intelligence
Animated by Her awesome power
Displaying your patterns
On a crystal table

Reflecting the images
Like appearances in a mirror
Refracting your sense of self
Into a million pieces

Getting blasted through the bindu
Over and over again
To lose yourself
Is to find yourself

The gift of creation
Emerges from the act of destruction
Nataraja dancing across space and time
The five shaktis igniting His dance

Concealment and revelation
From bondage to liberation
Who guides this journey?
Who penetrates these veils?

Chacruna. O Chacruna.
Praise The Goddess
That is Chacruna
Dancing upon Shiva’s body

Moonbeams of Mahamudra
Illuminating a clear path
For those wandering
In the darkness

To surrender to Their light
To let Her course through your veins
He must clear the runways
That allow Her to take flight

Drinking The Soma
A practice aligned with
Tantric sadhana
Refining the body-mind

Trekcho and Togyal
Clearing the nadis
Becoming a conductor
For the flow of Her power

Allowing Her to cut through
To Pristine Awareness
To the groundless ground
From which appearances arise

After recognition
Stabilizing The View
Refining the body-mind
The journey of a lifetime

Churning the milky ocean
Unearthing the hala hala
Shiva creates the space
That turns poison into nectar

His stability grounds
Her dynamism
The balance between order and chaos
A delicate act

Yet She is the one who asks the question
And She is the one who answers it
The grace of The Goddess as Chacruna
Unraveling the knots

Revealing our own birthright
The true nature of the mind
Removing the dust from this jewel
So that it can shine

The Vajrayana
The Diamond Vehicle
Cutting through to Rigpa
The union of clarity and emptiness

A rainbow running across
The wide open sky of the mind
Vividly appearing
Yet utterly ungraspable

Just like The Great Perfection
The Soma points towards this truth:
Nowhere to go. Nothing to do.
Nobody to become

Only this play of consciousness
This dance of emptiness and form
A mind not grasping after objects
Just consciousness recognizing itself

Samsara is a mind
Turned outward
Nirvana is a mind
Resting in its own place

She charms with Her beauty
Her form is sambhogakaya
But this is Her greatest gift:
Pointing towards the dharmakaya

The Goddess as Chacruna
In union with Peganam Harmala
The potency of The Soma
Accelerating the path of Tantra

This sacred medicine
Invites us to recognize
The true nature of the mind
The love of The Divine

Wake up from this trance
From this illusion of separation
Surrender to Their dance
Rest in The Great Perfection.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sacred medicine that is Chacruna, as well as supporting the de-stigimitization of these sacred plants, please visit The Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines and consider supporting this organization.

Image Source: Anderson Debernardi,

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