The Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess
The Source of all desire
The Cosmic Fire
Burning within us all

The altar of Her heart
Throbbing with spanda
Her sacred body
Vibrating with ananda

Cracking consciousness open
Blasting through the bindu
Shattering into space
Assembling back into form

Her enchanting smileĀ 
Her wild laugh
Breaks me open
Filling my heart with devotion

The sway of Her hips
Makes men possessed
By The Shakti they crave
But whose power they fear

Her sapphire eyes
Piercing with beauty
Break inside even Shiva
Unmasking his vulnerability

To be in Her presence
Invites all to savor
The awe and wonder
Felt beneath the stars

Her radiance shining
Channeling The Supreme Light
Ablaze across time
As She evolves from Lover to Mother

The Mother Goddess
A Tantric Dakini
Upon a vajra throne
Pointing out The Great Way

The summit of Everest
No mountain higher
One night with The Mother Goddess
My greatest desire

Yet the pull we all feel
To make love with another
At its core is the longing
For The Maha Shakti Herself

She resides within and without
Igniting the passion
To sing our song
To create and to serve

Her ecstatic pulsation
The very undulation
Of the waves of consciousness
Slowly stilling and cooling

Extinguishing the spark of life
Like a candle flame
Vanishing into the darkness
Disappearing into the dharmakaya

In the entrance to The Bardo
Dances The Mother Goddess
Calling us back home
Into the Cosmic Fire

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