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Hacking the Self is a podcast, blog, and community that explores the emerging convergence of various disciplines, traditions and cultures in their attempts to understand human consciousness and promote human flourishing.

This space dives into the desire to understand The Self, or “atman,” a concept in Indian metaphysics that’s often translated as “consciousness” or “soul.” You will find collection of conversations and written articles that are sometimes esoteric but also aspire to be pragmatic and to help people understand themselves in relation to others.

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Latest Blogs & Podcasts

#010: The Psychedelic Gospels with Dr. Jerry Brown

In this episode I speak with Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D., co-author of The Psychedelic Gospels. Jerry is an anthropologist, author, and activist. From 1972 to 2014, he served as founding professor of anthropology at Florida International University in Miami, where he taught a course on “Hallucinogens and Culture.” Guest Bio: In this episode ...

#009: The Promise of Psychedelic Research with Dr. Stephen Bright

Guest Bio for this week: Dr. Stephen Bright Dr. Stephen Bright is a leading voice on psychedelic research and drug policy in Australia. Stephen is a clinically-trained psychologist, though he identifies as an ethnopharmacologist (i.e, a person who studies the human relationship with drugs). He is a leading Australian voice ...

#008: Hacking the Ideal Psychedelic Ceremony with Julian Vayne

In this episode I speak with Julian Vayne, author of Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony. Julian shares with us his insights for crafting the ideal psychedelic experience. Moreover, he talks about the value of techniques for exploring consciousness that span many cultures and are independent of the underlying belief systems, ...

#007: Thinking Out Loud: Finding the Courage to Talk Candidly about Religion

In “Thinking Out Loud” sessions I’ll share my own views in podcast format. In this first one my main goal is to provide information about my evolving views toward religion and my intentions for starting this show. The purpose of this podcast is, in part, to excavate the many valuable ...

#006: Meditation & Psychedelics

My interview on Leonie Joubert's podcast, "The Psychonauts." I share my views on the relationship between psychedelics and contemplative practices, and how I became interested in both. Please help to make Hacking the Self a sustainable project by: Making a donation at https://www.patreon.com/hackingtheself You can also help us to get the ...

#005: Revolutionizing Mental Health Care with Psychedelics

In this episode I sit down with Leonie Joubert, a science writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Leonie became interested in psychedelics through a now high profile court case that has gone all the way to South Africa's Supreme Court. A favorable ruling for the defendant could lead to ...
Altered Traits, Not Altered States

Altered Traits, Not Altered States

This post was inspired by my conversation with Dax DeFranco, co-founder of the Altered Conference in Berlin, Germany. This year’s theme for the conference is: “Altered States, Crisis, and Opportunity.” In thinking about how the three aspects of the conferences’ presentations might come together--altered state experiences, conscious practices, culture and ...

#004: Building a Psychedelic Community with Dax DeFranco

Guest Bio: Dax DeFranco is a co-organizer of Altered Conference in Berlin. Having been a bartender, a teacher and a programmer Dax has a strong interest in communication and language which has been furthered through listening to Terrence McKenna and his own psychedelic experiences.  Dax is currently based in Berlin as a ...

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