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Hacking the Self is a podcast, blog, and community that explores the emerging convergence of various disciplines, traditions and cultures in their attempts to understand human consciousness and promote human flourishing.

This space dives into the desire to understand The Self, or “atman,” a concept in Indian metaphysics that’s often translated as “consciousness” or “soul.” You will find collection of conversations and written articles that are sometimes esoteric but also aspire to be pragmatic and to help people understand themselves in relation to others.

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The Scream

Unleashing the Scream

Image source: "The Scream," by Edvard Munch, 1893. In my previous post “The War on Drugs is a War on All of Us” I talked about how the drug war has reached a new low: it designates veterans as criminals for the crime of seeking alternative, natural solutions, such as ...
War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is a War on All of Us

On the podcast this week Ian Benouis shared with us the power of plant medicines such as Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and 5MEO-DMT to heal PTSD and other traumas. These plant medicines are literally providing a lifeline for some veterans returning home from war, many of whom find the predictable, pharmaceutical ...

#003: Healing Trauma with Ayahuasca & other Plant Medicines with Ian Benouis

This week on Hacking Consciousness: Ian Benouis Ian Benouis is a graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy who flew Blackhawk Helicopters for the US Army. After leaving the military, Ian worked as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry. Eventually, he bumped up against the limitations of what ...

#002: Myth, Metaphor and Mantra: The Power of Language and Narrative with Susanna Harwood Rubin

In this episode I discuss the power of myth, metaphor and mantra with yoga teacher and writer Susanna Harwood Rubin. Guest Bio: Susanna is a yoga teacher, writer, and artist whose work is rooted in South Indian Philosophy. An artist by training and a former educator at the Museum of ...
How we breathe and how we feel are deeply interconnected

How we breathe and how we feel are deeply interconnected

In the first podcast episode of the Hacking Consciousness, founder of Yoga Elements Adrian Cox spoke about the power of pranayama (breath control exercises) for entering into expanded states of consciousness. As he put it in our conversation:  “Pranayama truly is the gateway to higher yoga and by yoga I ...

#001: Adrian Cox of Yoga Elements on the Science of Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

In the first episode of Hacking the Self I speak with Adrian Cox, owner of Yoga Elements in Bangkok, Thailand, on the science of pranayama, mantra and meditation. Guest Bio: Adrian Cox is the owner of Yoga Elements in Bangkok, Thailand. An engineer by training, Adrian left his IT job in ...

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