Common themes explored on the Hacking the Self podcast and blog include:

  • Contemplative Practices (yoga, meditation)

  • Consciousness Hacking technologies

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Entheogens

  • Moral Psychology & Philosophy

  • Religious Studies, esp:

    • Comparative Mythology

    • Philosophy of Religion

    • Psychology of Religion

    • Religion, Ethics and Politics

The common thread uniting these various interests together is a desire to understand The Self, or “atman,” a concept in Indian metaphysics that’s often translated as “consciousness” or “soul.” However, in the Indian world view mind and body are inseparable. I’m mainly interested in holistic approaches to understanding ourselves.

These conversations sometimes dive into the esoteric, but they also aspire to be pragmatic and to help people to understand themselves in relation to others. I love to learn and to share what I’ve learned with other people. I sincerely hope that you find at least some benefit in what you find on this blog and the podcast.

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