#50: Reducing Stress with Chinese Herbalism: a conversation with Roger Drummer Part 1

This is the first of a two part conversation on Chinese Herbalism with Roger Drummer. Roger is the founder of Herb Works and the man who formulated its various, exceptional products, such as Tian Chi and Inner Peace.

A brief description of Roger’s story from the Herb Works website will give you a taste of what you’re in store for in this conversation:

“I truly believe in the healing power of Chinese herbs. They have transformed my life, and I’ve witnessed it happen for countless others in my 26 year career. As a Diplomate of Chinese Herbology, I’ve put tens of thousands of people on herbal programs with great success.

What makes Chinese herbology unique, is its fundamental principal of recognizing a person’s core imbalance and correcting it. It also recognizes that a healthy constitution can withstand tremendous outside influence. Therefore, restoring and maintaining vitality is the foundation of Chinese herbology.

People are suffering from chronic stress and losing vitality, which typically leads to poor health. Through my work with Chinese herbs, I have been able to help people create an internal environment where they can thrive and enjoy life.”

Roger Drummer is a wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of using adaptogens such as Reishi mushrooms, Shizandra Berry, and Ashwaghanda, among other herbs. These compounds are natural, powerful ways to down regulate your nervous system, reduce stress and improve your mental and physical health.

From my perspective, Chinese herbalism is an ancient form of biohacking and the use of these herbs continues to offer great benefits to the health of many people who work with these herbs.

If you’re looking for a healthy way to reduce stress and improve your health, I would highly recommend that you consider purchasing some of the high quality products from Herb Works.

I’ve been taking Tian Chi most mornings or early afternoons, as well as three capsules of Inner Peace after dinner. Tian Chi helps me feel focused yet calm and relaxed: a great combination for a productive day of work. Inner Peace leaves me with a deep feeling of relaxation, which is a nice transition into winding down and getting ready for bed.

Enjoy my conversation with Roger and, as always, we welcome your comments and questions on Facebook or Twitter.

#015: Biohacking Tips for Improved Health with Dayne Barkley

This week I speak with biohacker and life coach Dayne Barkley. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Dayne is a Certified Bulletproof Human Potential Coach & Primal Health Coach with a primary focus on Quantum Health principles and sleep. His philosophy towards health and wellness encompasses an holistic approach of Body, Mind & Spirit.

Links for Dayne:

Personal Website




0:00-7:15: Intro remarks & announcement about name change

7:15-16:30: Gluten concerns & reducing inflammation in our diets

16:30-22:30: Developing a healthy gut

22:30-25:05: Intermittent Fasting

25:05-29:30: Bulletproof Coffee & Caffeine Consumption

29:30-38:00: Quantum Health Principles

38:00-45:20: Reducing Blue Light Exposure

45:20-52:20: Tips for Improving Sleep

52:20-56:40: Cold Showers to Boost your Immune System

56:40-1:00:00: Problems with EMFs from our Electronic Devices

1:00:00-1:03:25: Dan’s Tips on Great Books and How to Find Him

Dayne’s Recommend Websites, Apps, Products

D Minder (App for Tracking Vitamin D & Sun Exposure) (finding a spring with natural spring water in your area)

Oura Ring (Best device for tracking sleep, as well as other health metrics)

Dr. Jack Kruse (Nutrition, Paleo Diet)

Iris (software for reducing blue light exposure on your computer)

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