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#026: Psychology of Religion with Jungian Analyst Pittman McGehee

For anyone who is interested in the psychology of religion, especially the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, today’s guest is a wealth of wisdom and insight. Pittman McGehee shares his interpretation of Christian mythology through a Jungian lens. We also discuss:
  • How to approach the study of religion
  • New Atheist critiques of religion
  • Pathologizing aspects of religion & other ideologies
  • Cultivating a sense of the sacred in your own life
  • Intersection of Christianity with US culture and politics
Guest Bio:
J. Pittman McGehee is an Episcopal priest and Jungian analyst in private practice in Austin, Texas. He is widely known as a lecturer and educator in the field of the psychology of religion, as well as a published poet and essayist.
He is the author of The Invisible Church: Finding Spirituality Where You Are (Praeger Press, 2008), Raising Lazarus: The Science of Healing the Soul (2009), Words Made Flesh, and The Paradox of Love, now available for sale through The Jung Center of Houston’s Bookstore,, and other fine booksellers.
Pittman presented “What Is a Healthy Spirituality” during “Religion, Mental Health, and the Search for Meaning,” a conference held at the University of St. Thomas. Click here to listen to the conference recordings.
Pittman also was interviewed as part of the “In Touch with Carl Jung” Salon through Centerpoint. Click here to view the complete list of recordings and to listen to Pittman’s interview.
0:00-4:00: Opening Remarks
4:00-11:10: Origins of Pittman’s interest in the ideas of Carl Jung
11:10-13:18: Interpreting Christian Mythology through a Jungian Lens
13:18-17:45: Problems with approaching religion through a scientific 
17:45-25:05: Pathological pitfalls of religion & other ideologies
25:05-29:07: Problems with the notion of “i’m spiritual but not religious”
29:07- 31:10: Cultivating a Sense of the Sacred
31:00-39:12: The American Religion: Puritanism, Patriotism, Capitalism
40:25-45:10: Closing Remarks
Books by Pittman McGehee:

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#025: A Talk about The Mythology of Pre Historic Cave Art with Bernie Taylor

In this episode Bernie Taylor shares his insights into the timeless archetypal stories that he has uncovered in pre historic cave art. Bernie’s passion for his subject matter really came across. If you’re interested in mythology and the work of great thinkers in the psychology of religion like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Guest Bio:

Bernie Taylor is an independent naturalist and author (Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero – 2017 & Biological Time – 2004) whose research explores the mythological connections and biological knowledge among prehistoric, indigenous and ancient peoples. He enjoys the great outdoors in his home state of Oregon and the exploration of inner space.


Before Orion