Hacking The Self About Transparent Generosity

About Transparent Generosity

Hacking The Self operates with a model of Transparent Generosity

Transparent Generosity is an economic model implemented by Vince Horn with his Buddhist Geeks community. In essence, it takes principles of the traditional “Dana” model in which mindfulness practitioners give their teachers dana (literally: generosity, aka money) at the end of retreats, and applies them to our modern digital age.

With this practice of Transparent Generosity, students give whatever they can for teachings and trainings. No specific amount is required or even suggested and in theory, those who can give more will, and that balances out with those who cannot give as much in the moment.

Seeing my teacher practice these actions of generosity within the context of our capitalistic framework has inspired me to do the same. I’ve found that this model of open and transparent giving actually fosters more connection, appreciation, and kindness for everyone involved and believe that it is a start to exploring how we can further discuss mindfulness, meditation, and dharma in our everyday ways of being.